Welcome A-board… back to listing

Thank you to everyone who stood for election onto the ISAN Board and to the membership for taking the time to vote. And massive gratitude┬áto our departing members – Neil Butler, Mira Kaushik, Robin Morley and Frank Wilson – for their time and dedication to the organisation.

We announced the results of the election at the ISAN AGM on 8 Feb, and our new Board looks like this…

  • Ajay Chhabra (Nutkhut/London Mela)
  • Alan Richardson (Surge)
  • Bev Adams (Faceless Arts)
  • Daryl Beeton (Independent member)
  • Deb Mullins (Emergency Exit Arts)
  • Jackie Elliman (ITC)
  • Jeni Barnard (Acrojou)
  • Michelle Walker (Hat Fair/GDIF)
  • Ruth Oakley (Arts and Gardens)

Bev, Ruth and Jackie are all existing Board members, Daryl was re-elected and our newbies are Ajay, Alan, Deb, Jeni and Michelle.

Welcome to them all and we look forward to working together.